Talina has had three number one hits on the Independent Music Network (IMN), has been honored by numerous organizations, has performed at Carnegie Hall, The Apollo, GMA Studios, The Grove, Culver Studios, United Nations, Citi Field and has been featured on every major Television Network.  Alicia Keys has called her a “vision for all the world to see”, Mary J Blige gave her career advice, Fox News Anchor Antwan Lewis called her a “rising star” and asked her to visit again after she wins her first Grammy and after meeting with Ryan Seacrest he told her to “crush it” as she was about to perform at GMA Studios on New Year’s Eve for ABC.

Talina’s most recent video of her ballad "Mockingbird" has garnered over a million views and she is about to release her latest video called “Forever” which was inspired by a U.S. Marine who asked Talina to write a song for military families because of the hardships they go through when their loved ones are away serving and defending our country. “Forever” is moving, inspirational and the music Talina penned will touch your soul.

Her musical style has been described as a fusion of Pop with a little Soul/R&B flavor and songs span from the techno dance hit “Hypnotized” to driving ballads such as “I’ll Be There For You” which was inspired on March 11, 2011 when the earthquake and tsunami rocked the coast of Japan.

Talina considers herself to be an inspirational songwriter, plays several instruments and has been blessed with perfect pitch. Talina began writing and recording her debut album Adapted at the ripe old age of 11 and has not slowed down since. Her music has been licensed in movies, documentaries, instructional dance videos and her management team has a philosophy of constant movement and growth.

In 2013 she decided to take a stance against bullying and wrote an award winning anti-bullying anthem, “Just Be Nice” and she was voted Main Stream Teen Artist of the Year by the Independent Music Network because of it. Talina takes bullying seriously and has started a musical program called “It’s Ok to Be Different” which she performs in schools. Many organizations such as Girl Scouts of Minnesota are creating anti-bullying videos and PSA’s using Talina’s hit song “Just Be Nice”.

 In 2014 Talina has taken on the role of Global Ambassador for Girls World Expo where she will tour the country, perform and talk to thousands of girls about self- empowerment and letting them know that they all have a voice and it must be heard. Talina is so thankful for the opportunities she has received and strives to continue to grow as an artist and make a difference in the world.